Rental Chain, The monthly income platform for the masses

Rental Chain, The monthly income platform for the masses

1. What is Rental Chain? is a passive income platform on the blockchain. It takes advantage of blockchain technology to help individuals with €100 or more earn residual income through Defi and server rental programs on the blockchain.

2. How Does it work?

Once you decide to join, your funds are used to purchase  a virtual server, this server is then set up with specialised algorithms to a specific standard and capacity. After this process is complete, your server is then placed on a rental basis with a blockchain platform (mostly our partners) and begin to fetch for you weekly rental incomes which are paid out to you monthly.

3. How much can I make a month?

The rate of rental income paid is typically between 1.5-7% monthly. And it is paid like clock work. The percentage you get is determined by the size of your server and the capacity. However most of our program participants make an average of 5% every month.

4. What is the minimum amount?

Servers begin at €100. So with just €100 you can be up and running today.

5. What are the risks?

There are two principal risk types that we are faced with I) Hackers ii) Government policies. In light of this our team has the best experts in the field protecting our systems from hackers, and so far government regulations doesn’t adversely affect our operations. Remember our product is technology itself. That is the servers we build is the technology and service we offer. Without servers the blockchain industry as a whole can’t function.

6. How can I sign up?

To signup simply go to and choose from a list of server sizes starting at just €100

7. How Long does it take to start earning?

Once you signup, it takes 7 days to set up and deploy your server. Immediately after that you start earning rental income.

8. Is my capital Refundable?

Yes. Once we set up the server for you, we rent it on a six month initial contract and thereafter it rolls over month to month. If you want your initial capital back you can initiate a withdrawal and it will be processed and sent to you.

9. Can I talk to someone about it?

Yes, please join us on whatsapp:  and telegram:

10. Is this like investing in cryptocurrencies?

No. Your funds are used to set up a server for you, this server is an asset which is then rented out and you earn income on it monthly. Your funds do not fluctuate based on the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets. This is also not some sort of cryptocurrency investment fund either. It is a server rental program for passive income on the blockchain.

11. Where can I get more answers?

Please visit our website or join us on whatsapp:  and Telegram:


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